Penis enlargement exercises

what is the normal size of the penis

How to enlarge your penis? Men often ask this question, regardless of size, the thought of becoming more masculine comes to every person at least once in their life. Widespread concern about a small penis has spawned a multimillion-dollar global industry of clinically unproven male enhancement products. Although some are ready to endure it, others are ready to do anything to find the desired result.

Size matters

size matters

Studies have shown that the size of male genitals can vary based on race, even nationality. These measurements are considered normal throughout the world:

Measurements should be taken in an upright position. The small glans penis can become a serious obstacle to normal sexual intercourse and not an object of pride. Indeed, the small size of the genitals causes problems of insecurity and communication, which, in turn, affect all areas of life, including interpersonal relationships and careers.

what are the ways to enlarge the penis

Standard size

Scientists explored this topic by measuring penis size in length, diameter, girth and volume. The data are subject to several indicators: the number of participants, the individual characteristics of the subjects, the differences in race.

At rest, the head has an average volume of 4 cm. It is not necessary to increase if its own dimensions do not differ by more than 1. 5-2 cm.

Head enlargement methods

Every man would like to be satisfied with the greatness of his dignity. But there are situations when everything is in order, but the size of the head does not hold. Then the question arises not of increasing the entire organ, but of a part of it.

Ways to enlarge the head include:

  • operation;
  • exercises;
  • medicines;
  • gel;
  • masseurs.

Before using any of the above, you need to consult with a specialist. He will choose the necessary technique that is right for you.

Surgical methods

Surgery is indicated for patients with a small penis when it is necessary to enlarge it by a few centimeters. After consulting the surgeon, the patient will have to undergo a series of examinations, undergo a comprehensive medical examination, similar to preparing for any other intervention. The methodology is discussed with each person individually.

penis enlargement surgery

Surgical procedures to change the appearance of the genital organ are often injections of subcutaneous fat taken from other parts of the body. In medical reports, there was a slight difference in circumference of 1. 6-5. 1 cm.

However, positive impact calculations for people who have ventured into radical change over longer periods of time show negative outcomes, including deformities, scars, nodules, and infectious gangrene.

What methods are feasible at home

We will leave the operations and injections for the long arms of the surgeons. Sitting in a safe and fragrant apartment, engage in vascular techniques, tie rods, massage. Actively involve in the formation of ointments, gels, creams, auxiliary support (nutrition, food supplements, vitamins, herbs).

Exercises to enlarge the penis

What kind of exercises increase the penis? What exercises for penis enlargement to do most effectively can be read in the reviews on specialized sites. If you don't know how to enlarge your penis with exercises, then special gymnastics classes will help you.

Penis enlargement exercises and videos with their detailed descriptions are what you need, especially if you are a beginner in this area.

There are a lot of exercises to enlarge the penis, everyone should choose something for himself individually, depending on the results he wants to achieve and what exactly to get.

Depending on the exercises you do, penis enlargement will happen in different ways. Penis enlargement at home is the most popular way to solve the problem.

  • Stretching the penis in length.Penis length exercises are the most popular exercises in this area, with penis thickening exercises taking second place. Find a comfortable position, grab your penis and start pulling it forward. You shouldn't reach fanaticism, if you feel pain, then this is a sign that you shouldn't pull any further. Pull the penis for five seconds and then release. The respite between these series should be around 5 seconds. The significance of such penis enlargement training is that the main part of the corpora cavernosa, which are the main component of male dignity, is located in the pelvic region and from there they can be extended, thereby increasing the organ by a couple of centimeters. When performing such gymnastics, it is necessary to ensure that there is no erection.
  • stretching the penis to increase size
  • Seated penis extension.For such gymnastics, you will need a very small erection. Allow your body to increase in size by about 30%, not more. You need to take it down as much as possible and sit on it. Such exercise aims to increase the pressure on the internal components of the penis, this will help to increase the size of the penis in both length and thickness, as well as increase the base of the penis.
  • stretching the penis from a sitting position
  • Organ massage.Before starting a lesson, the penis must be slightly raised, grasp it with two fingers and make movements that will resemble movements during masturbation. When it rises completely, take the head in your hands, squeeze it at the base and extend the organ in this way until you feel unpleasant sensations. Stop and rest right after. It must be done very carefully so as not to damage the ligaments.
  • bell. . . Get a full erection of your penis, start making them left to right and top to bottom movements. At the same time, try to strain the muscles of the perineum as much as possible.
  • penis enlargement exercise bell
  • Jelqing.This technique for increasing penis size is known all over the world. To exercise, you need to make sure your penis is more than half as tall. The head will not be used under such a load, so you shouldn't touch it again. Take the penis by the shaft with two fingers, make up and down movements and don't forget to use the lubricant, so the exercise will be much easier. If you suddenly feel that ejaculation is approaching, stop for a few minutes and then continue again.
  • jelqing for penis enlargement
  • Flexion of the penis.It is necessary to make sure that the manhood increases by about half or a little more. Also, bend your penis in different directions in such a way that it will be convenient for you. However, as you do the exercise, listen to your feelings. If it hurts or is simply unpleasant for you, stop doing it or act more carefully, as such manipulations can damage the genitals.
  • penis flexion to increase size
  • Kegel exercise.Doing such exercises for the genitals is useful for both men and women if they want to have a good erection and get a brighter orgasm. Exercising gymnastics is very, very simple. It is necessary to rhythmically squeeze and open the muscles of the perineum.

If you can't figure out what kind of muscles they are, then go to the bathroom and start urinating. During this process, simply hold the jet and you will immediately understand which muscles are in question. You can perform such an exercise not only in the time allotted to them, but also on any occasion.

For example, in the elevator, in the car, in the subway, in the workplace. Do not be afraid, from the outside it is not noticeable at all. The main thing is not to forget about such gymnastics and return to it as often as possible.

When it comes to increasing male dignity, the main advantage of this approach is that the classes activate blood circulation processes very well.

Flashing.In order for the locking results to be impressive, you need to do it right. To perform such manipulations, you need to purchase a device that will squeeze the penis, these are locking simulators. If you are unable to choose it, look for something suitable for requesting "blocker" photos. After this technique, do a relaxing massage on the penis.

clumping agent for penis enlargement

Important!You can also increase the length of your penis when you wear a load on it for about 8 hours a day. However, for some it is painful and uncomfortable.

Injection of hyaluronic acid gel

hyaluronic acid gel injection for penis enlargement

An alternative solution is to enlarge the glans penis with hyaluronic acid, which is a very popular ingredient in cosmetology. The remedy works in the same way as the matrix, however it does not cause as many side effects.

The composition of the gel with hyaluronic acid is similar to the natural composition of human skin, which practically excludes the possibility of rejection. Both of the methods described above provide an almost instant effect. The difference in the size of the organ will be evident from the first day.


To increase the head, simulators such as an extender and a vacuum pump are used.

The action of the massagers applies to the entire penis, not just a part of it.

Very easy to use. The effect of a vacuum pump is temporary but instantaneous. The extender gives a longer effect, but more slowly.

Pumping of unnecessary deposits

The procedure for removing the fat under the belly can make a man look more impressive. Removing excess fat around the pubic area will make the thickened member more visible. The results obtained are generally impressive for obese people.

Pumping up fat mass can lead to a 3. 7cm change in length in the short term, but the fat returns to the pubis if the person regains the excess mass. An operation to pump up body fat can give a man self-confidence, but in order for the effect to be maintained in the long term, it is necessary to review the daily diet and spend a lot of time on physical training. However, like all surgeries, the technique carries the risk of negative effects and consequent complications.

How does this training take place?

The enlargement of the organ can be carried out both in length and in thickness. For this you can use hands, special devices and weighing materials, which, using their weight, will lengthen the penis.

The ideal option for penis enlargement at home is manual penis enlargement with two or three fingers. There are many different options for performing, they are divided by difficulty levels, it is necessary to start gymnastics on the principle from easy to difficult.

penis enlargement massage

You need to start with 15 minutes, so your class time should gradually be increased to 30 minutes per day. It is believed that the most favorable time to practice such penis enlargement exercises at home is in the morning and in the evening. If you decide to move on to the more difficult exercises that increase the penis, then you need to do it gradually and not abruptly.

The ideal option before starting this type of exercise is to consult a doctor, who will explain in detail how to enlarge your penis at home. The main thing you need to know when starting such training is that the main thing in their performance is regularity. Of course, you shouldn't count on a lightning-fast result; to increase your dignity by at least a couple of centimeters, you will have to put in a lot of effort.

Important!Alexey Elizarov is a recognized master of penis enlargement, therefore, in order not to be confused in the selection of penis enlargement exercises, he uses Alexei Elizarov's penis enlargement technique.

He has an individual penis enlargement program, he describes in detail which exercises can be used to enlarge the penis. This will give a good result.

Preparation for penis enlargement workouts:

  1. Penis enlargement at home is not an easy task, preparation for this type of activity should be done every time, it will help make the classes more productive.
  2. Before starting exercise, shower and wash, pay special attention to the perineal area.
  3. After your shower, pat dry with a terry towel and pat dry.
  4. For classes you will need a special lubricant, so go to the pharmacy in advance and buy it too.
  5. Make sure you choose a place where you will do penis enlargement gymnastics. First try to do all the selected combinations in different poses, standing, sitting, lying, semi-sitting, lying down and choose the option in which you will feel as comfortable as possible.
  6. Like the arms, legs or other muscles, the penis must be warmed up before starting a workout. To do this, you can make warm compresses. The easiest way to do this is to warm a towel or other thick cloth with an iron and apply it to the groin area. You need to repeat this procedure several times. If you have a heating pad handy, use it.
warm up the penis before the massage

After completing the preparation, you can start performing gymnastics, including for the first time a video of the exercise on how to increase the penis.

Hormone therapy

hormone therapy for penis enlargement

Another method of male genital enlargement is the use of hormonal drugs. Unfortunately, this method has more disadvantages than advantages. These drugs can only be prescribed by a specialist after hormone screening. The treatment takes several months and the results will be visible after 3 months. These drugs are quite expensive and also have a lot of side effects. For this reason, penis volume modification by this method is used very rarely.

Surgical intervention

Surgery in the genital area is plastic surgery. The procedure is considered specific and requires specialized training and experience in performing such manipulations. There are other disadvantages as well:

  1. High risk of complications, secondary infections, inflammation.
  2. The likelihood of an unfavorable outcome of the operation, deformity or dissatisfaction with size.
  3. Nerve damage and loss of sensation.
  4. Long preparation.
  5. Mandatory rehabilitation period.

Open surgery involves the introduction of a special matrix through the incision, which, being located between the soft tissues of the head and the corpus cavernosum of the penis, increases its volume. The material of the implant is foreign, so a man's body can reject it due to the action of the immune system.

Using a penis enlargement gel is the most common method used in cosmetic surgery.

This is due to the high efficiency and relative safety for the patient's general health and erectile function.

The drug contains hyaluronic acid, which has a composition as close as possible to human physiological fluids. It is well absorbed by the body and causes no side effects.

The method is minimally invasive: the active ingredient is injected with a needle. The procedure is virtually painless and rarely causes discomfort, so it doesn't even require local anesthesia. It is used in individual cases at the request of the patient.

A significant drawback is the need to repeat the manipulation when the gel dissolves. The penis is well supplied with blood, so the excretion of hyaluronic acid depends not only on the metabolic rate, but also on the frequency and duration of erections, the frequency of sexual intercourse. Reintroduction may take 3-12 months.

The modern pharmaceutical market offers a large number of glans enlargement products.

Some of them are designed for immediate and short-term results, others require admission to the course.

The short-term effect is based on stimulating blood flow, thereby increasing the volume. However, drugs do not have the ability to influence deformation and pronounced asymmetry.

To achieve a long-term result, agents based on male sex hormones that stimulate growth are used.

The drugs need to be taken for a long time, and there is no guarantee that the patient will not disrupt the hormonal balance and begin to develop side effects.

One of the unfavorable outcomes is erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist before use.

Increase with home methods

penis enlargement with home methods

If you do not need to radically change the organ, you can try methods of enlarging the glans at home. These include special massage methods, physical activity.

Extenders, vacuum pumps are the most popular penis enhancement devices. Before buying and using these devices, it is worth consulting with a specialist. They are not serious contraindications, but their use should be discussed with your doctor.

Vacuum devices are often indicated for use in the short-term treatment of impotence problems. But the abuse can damage the skin, which leads to a weak erection, pain during intercourse.

The extensions provide a uniform and distributed action that promotes the gradual expansion of the entire organ. They can be worn at home, at work and wherever you want. The device easily hides under clothes, does not cause significant inconvenience. Vacuum pumps are a good way to enlarge the glans, as patients can control the effect themselves.


To increase the thickness of the penis, they use a technique called jelqing. This procedure is good because it is done at home without the help of specialists.

Before starting a workout, the phallus is heated to lightly vaporize the skin and increase its elasticity. To warm the penis, warm water is added to a liter container, into which the penis is placed for 2-3 minutes. There is another method of warming up manhood.

In this case, you will also need heated water in which a towel is soaked. Then, a wet towel is wrapped around the erect penis for 10 minutes, after which they begin jelqing.

To increase the size of the jelqing, the head is first exposed. Then a strong ring is made near its base with two fingers. This is done very carefully so that there are no wrinkles from the skin at hand. Having grasped the genital organ, we tighten its muscles and grasp the base of the penis with the other hand. Gradually bring the circumferences of the hands together until they touch. Then a 5-minute break is taken, after which the procedure is repeated.

penis enlargement with jelqing

The exercise to enlarge the head is performed every day and lasts at least 20 minutes. Within a month, it will be evident that the penis gradually increases.


exercise for penis enlargement

How to enlarge the glans using gymnastics? Simply by doing Jelqing exercises. It is safe for men's health, but the effect remains as long as gymnastic training is done regularly.

The goal is to increase blood flow, stretch the tissue, thereby increasing its size. It is better to do gymnastics using special creams for enlarging the genitals or gels. The complex should be carried out for 12-15 minutes every day. The first effect will be visible in a week.

Another effective exercise is the compression of the rod. With the palm you grab a flaccid organ and slowly increase the pressure until you reach maximum hardness. Relax your palm so that the organ becomes slow again, then repeat the complex. This will provide an increase in the glans, contributes to a harder erection.

While many fear their merit is too low, studies show that most are considered normal. Before choosing one of the listed methods, it is necessary to weigh all the risks and disadvantages of each option for expanding the head.

Vacuum pump

To make the head have a thickened base, special vacuum pumps are used. These devices are made to improve the size of boys' genitals.

Regular use of the devices will increase blood flow to the penis and improve circulation, which has a positive effect on size.

Before increasing blood circulation with a vacuum pump, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its contraindications. The device should not be used by people with foreskin disease, urethritis, congenital malformations, hypertension, impaired blood circulation and patients with kidney disease. Everyone else can safely use vacuum pumps.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

To increase the size of the pump, it must first be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and soap for disinfection. The device is then lubricated with lubricant so that the accessory does not rub the skin. When the device is fully ready, an erect penis is inserted. Gradually pump the air out of the balloon with a pump, wait one minute and fill it with oxygen. The procedure is repeated after weakening of the erection.

Methods of dressing

Medicines are taken in courses. They help increase blood flow, which is why the head lengthens. But don't expect surprising results. Medicines increase the penis up to 2-3 centimeters, give a short-term effect.

Some men take hormonal drugs (testosterone). They guarantee long-term results, but uncontrolled and illiterate reception causes impotence, decreased erectile function.

Application of soft drinks

There is an opinion that you can stretch the penis with soda if there are no allergic reactions to it. A man steams a member, brings it to an upright state. The barrel and head are lubricated with oil and the baking soda is rubbed with light movements for 5 minutes.

You can also take baths, where a spoonful of soda is diluted in a liter of water. Liquid temperature - up to 40 degrees. The bath takes about 15 minutes.

The procedures are carried out within a month, then the course is repeated, if necessary. There are several reviews on the network about the qualities of soda, before using it you need to consult a doctor.


Most men want to enlarge their penis, even if its size is standard. To achieve results, they decide on surgical operations that immediately increase the head by up to 4 centimeters.

You can also use minimally invasive methods - gel injections or lipofilling. These methods will stretch the penis up to 2 centimeters. But it is worth remembering that any method can lead to dangerous consequences.