Instructions for use Titan Gel

How to best apply Titan Gel

The instruction for the application of Titan Gel

The gel Titan Gel does not require special skills of application, it is possible, therefore, for his self consumption. As the product is in a group of drugs, there is the need to comply with the instructions.

Before applying make sure to wash the penis cleaning means for the body (soap, shower gel).

Lubricate establish the authority needed about half an hour before the sexual intercourse the easy movements, massaging it from top to bottom. It should be placed in the ring between the thumb and index finger. Then wait for the complete absorption. After the procedure should be to produce a slight, pleasant tingling sensation. This means — composition begins to act. If you don't miss a single session for 1 to 3 months, the effect may be attached.

The indications to the use of the gel Titan Gel

The men who are interested in changes in the private sphere, it is recommended to buy Titan Gel for a regular use. With its help, you can get significant results:

  1. Increase the size of the penis, when the small genitalia is the opportunity for the complexes, the oppressed people of the state;
  2. The realization of the increase of the power, the maintenance of the erect state of the penis;
  3. An extension of the time of the sexual act, the strengthening sensations.
  4. Strengthen self-esteem;
  5. Get rid of the stress, called the failures in bed.

Contraindications when using Titan Gel

The inclusion in the composition of the drug only natural components makes the probability of occurrence of allergic reactions, other side effects is practically impossible. Given that the application occurs on the sensitive skin of the intimate zone, it is of great importance. However, in some cases, the product is not recommended to use:

  1. Individual intolerance to components of the preparation;
  2. Malformations of anatomical violation of the stretching, the swelling of genital tissue with drugs, dietary supplements can lead to pain;
  3. Available damage the skin of the penis. Lubrication any combination could cause irreparable harm.
Application of the composition must only bring pleasant sensations, in case of discomfort or pain, you must immediately discontinue use of the tool.

The side effects of an overdose

The gel Titan Gel almost 100% of natural ingredients, which is why the side effects depend exclusively on individual intolerance components. In the cases where they occur, intermittently up to 2 hours. When the deterioration, you should consult a doctor. The symptoms of drug overdose are similar to side effects and are expressed:

  • allergic reactions in the form of redness, itching, burning sensation;
  • the swelling of the mucous membranes of the penis;
  • excessive sensitivity of the authority;
  • the discomfort during sexual intercourse.